Tickets for the next edition of the Estoril Conferences (EC) are now available.


For the first time, the access to the Estoril Congress Center where, from May 29th to May 31st, the Estoril Conferences will be held, will be made through the use of tickets.

The regular price of the tickets is of 200 € for the three days of the Conferences and of 80 € for one day. For youngsters not older than 30 years of age the prices will be of 50 € for the three days and of 20 € for one day of Conferences.

The tickets can be purchased at BOL (On-Line Ticketing) and its vending points, the Estoril Conferences website or the vending points of D. Luís I Foundation.

The organization of the EC, through the Estoril Institute for Global Dialogue, believes that in this way the access to the Estoril Conferences will truly be open to the public at large, both national and international.