The first meeting will take place in Casa das Histórias Paula Rego, Cascais, on February 16th, from 9h30 A.M. to 13h00 P.M. and will be dedicated to the subject Local Migration and Global Policies.

On February 16th the first of a cycle of events organized by the Estoril Conferences will take place. These meetings have the purpose of stimulating the dialogue about the main theme of the Estoril Conferences, happening May 29-31: The Migration Challenge.

Beginning at 9h30 A.M., this encounter will focus on the theme Local Migration and Global Policies, and will have the contributions of the President and Vice-President of the Cascais Municipality, Dr. Carlos Carreiras and Eng.º Miguel Pinto Luz, respectively. 

The event will be in Portuguese and open to the general public. To be a part, interested parties should confirm their presence until February 14th by e-mailing info@conferenciasdoestoril.org

1st Panel: “Local Collaborative Strategies for the integration of Immigrants”
•    Frederico Pinho de Almeida – Councilor of Social Action of the Cascais Municipality
•    Luís Leitão -  Superior Inspector Coordinator and Regional Director of DRLVTA (Regional Direction of Lisbon and Tagus Valley and Alentejo – Immigration and Border Services)
•    Sandra Fernandes – Personal testimony of an immigrant (First in France then in Portugal)
Moderator: Teresa Violante, Chair Estoril Conferences

2nd Panel: “Immigrants integration: National Policies and the processes of local governance”
•    Teresa Tito de Morais – President of the Portuguese Council for Refugees
•    Duarte Pitta Ferraz – Dr. Professor of Nova SBE University
•    Cristina Casas – Coordinator Migratory Policies Nucleus
Moderator: Rui Hortelão, Director SÁBADO Magazine

This event cycle has the support and coverage of SÁBADO Magazine, partner of the Estoril Conferences.

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